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Engine test benches


LORRTEC has two 1000 hp test benches to adjust and develop the engines:

  • an engine test bench allowing to work particularly the development and the comparison of several mechanical configurations.
  • a ROTOTEST vehicle test bench , allowing 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicles to be measured and adjusted with great precision and in the real environment of use.

Interview with Pierre-Antoine RAMPON (manager of the LORRTEC company):

Describe the engine test bench to us?

Our SCHENCK ex “Formula 1” test bench allows us to fine-tune any type of engine with speeds up to 18,000 rpm and powers up to 1,000 hp.

The engines are then equipped with numerous sensors (temperature, pressure, knock, cylinder pressure, etc.) in order to carry out tuning under optimum safety conditions.

Describe the vehicle test bench to us?

The ROTOTEST test bench is comparable to a set of engine benches coupled to each drive wheel of the vehicle. Unlike a traditional (roller) test bench, it is an extremely precise measuring instrument thanks to high-resolution torque sensors measuring the force directly at the wheel hubs.

This new type of dynamometer is similar to a roller dynamometer but has much greater precision and testing flexibility. Among the main advantages, we find the absence of slippage between the wheels and the bench, the very low inertia of the system as well as a precise and independent measurement of all losses by friction.

In addition, this system does not damage the tires and adapts to all vehicles, regardless of running gear geometries.

What are the customer benefits of having a vehicle benched?

Passing to the bench makes it possible to draw all the quintessence of the mechanics and to optimize engine performance as much as possible according to predefined reliability criteria. In addition, this makes it possible to guarantee the safety of the engine during the first run and after an often expensive engine reconstruction, the mechanical aspect then being validated upstream on a test bench.


In which cases can a car be benched at LORRTEC?

We can carry out tests on a vehicle bench after rebuilding an engine for running-in and validation of operation, or to improve the performance of an existing engine (mapping, tuning, etc.)

What are the holdups?

1 to 4 weeks depending on the time of year.

What types of dyno tuned engines are there?

We tune all types of engines: gasoline or diesel, carburettor, point or electronic ignition, electronic injection, or even mechanical injection (Lucas, Bosch, Kugelfischer, K-Jetronic, etc.)


Réglage sur le banc d’une Porsche 962


Réglage sur le banc d’une Peugeot 205 Turbo 16


Réglage sur le banc d’une Peugeot 905


Réglage d’un moteur Porsche 6 cylindres à plat