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Assistance on circuit/rally


LORRTEC provides you in France and abroad with qualified engineers and technicians to assist you on circuits or in rallies when the operation of the vehicle requires a high degree of technicality (Sport prototypes Groups C, historic Formula 1, Rally-raid, etc.) or even during major classic events such as the Historical Corsica Tour or Le Mans Classic .

Many services are offered to you: implementation of different strategies of rengine adjustments between testing and the race, optimization of consumption and performance according to external conditions, modifications and adaptation of engine characteristics for facilitate vehicle operation, data analysis to allow the pilot to gain in performance (assisted by the expertise of a professional pilot).

Presentation of the activity of assistance and follow-up of vehicles on rallies and on circuit of LORRTEC

Interview with Pierre-Antoine RAMPON (manager of the LORRTEC company):

In which cases do you offer this type of service?

We mainly monitor engines and work carried out internally. These are generally high-end vehicles with careful monitoring, which is why we follow a large number of Group C sports prototypes, for example. We are also working on certain major historic events such as the historic Tour de Corse , Le Mans Classic or even modern Rally-Raid with the Dakar .

In this case we take care of monitoring the engine part: calculation of consumption, determination of power levels for qualifying and the race. We also install data acquisition systems coupled with videos (Vbox Racelogic) which allow us to work on intermediate times (lap by lap) and thus allow the pilot to progress more quickly. We provide a la carte services.

Jaguar XJR14 on Le Castellet circuit track maintenance


What is your contribution for the client?

Make the most of the potential of the car and the engine!

With modern technical means we are able to quickly analyze the weak points of a vehicle and its driver, and we very quickly manage to identify the problem without having to carry out a lot of tests. A pro driver and a “gentleman driver” have time differences at certain very specific points on a circuit. We manage to reduce these differences by relying on our analyzes and by talking to the pilots. Our engine data analyzes are often supplemented by professional pilots who bring us their expertise.

Morocco Raid rally assistance


on-track assistance Lola T296 DIJON PRENOIS VBOX data acquisition
groupC Jaguar Slik Cut pit lane Spa Francorchamps
engine settings Spice Group C V8 Cosworth Le Mans classic