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Assembly of motors


Each LORRTEC engine is the result of a rigorous assembly carried out according to the rules of the art: all the parts are checked and if necessary changed, remanufactured and/or optimized. The engines are then validated on our various test benches.


Presentation of LORRTEC’s engine assembly activity

Series engines

For series engines, assembly according to the rules of the art in our workshop brings you a gain in performance and flawless reliability.

Collectible Engines

In the case of collector’s engines, reverse engineering makes it possible to respect all the know-how of the period. Thanks to current technologies and methods, we produce engines that are more reliable and just as efficient as the original while respecting the period appearance of these engines to which we are attached.

Competition engines

A competition engine often incorporates specific parts that are much more complex and expensive than those of a production engine. In close collaboration with our design office, our engine technicians carry out a perfect assembly of the engine according to precise specifications, which guarantees performance and reliability.

Ford Cosworth BDG engine


Escort Cosworth YB Turbo Engine

Jaguar E-Type Engine